Carolina Cordero Dyer is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the Osborne Association. During the 23 years she has led the organization’s finance and resource management, Osborne has grown more than four-fold and established a strong foundation to undertake groundbreaking innovation.

Ms. Cordero Dyer is responsible for Osborne’s social enterprises that employ more than 100 people in living-wage jobs and for the organization’s workforce development initiatives – providing employment services to nearly 2,000 participants annually. In addition, she has been instrumental in the purchase and renovation of Osborne’s Bronx headquarters and the acquisition and emerging transformation of the closed Fulton Correctional Facility into a welcoming reentry center, ensuring second chances not only for Osborne's participants but for the community's infrastructure as well. She was recently awarded the NYU McSilver Award, which recognizes outstanding individuals who are transforming systems to address the needs of individuals, families, and communities living in poverty.  Ms. Cordero Dyer received her Master’s in Business Administration from NYU Stern School and is a C.P.A.  She is the Board Treasurer of the NYC Employment and Training Coalition and Board Vice-Chair of the New York State Industries for the Disabled.