Elizabeth Gaynes Responds to New York Post About Efforts to Assist People Leaving Courts and Jails

02 January 2020

Osborne Association President and CEO Elizabeth Gaynes responded to a December 27 NY Post article criticizing efforts to help people leaving courts and jails by providing metro cards and debits cards upon release. 

"We welcome New York City's effort to equip people with some of the tools they will need to succeed after leaving court and Rikers Island. Having worked for decades with people being discharged from the City's courts and jails, Osborne staff strongly support this practical initiative that recognizes people's real human needs at the moment of their release. We are proud to work alongside committed public servants and colleagues from the social services sector to ensure that
people leaving jail or court can travel safely on public transit, purchase needed hygiene products, feed themselves, and have a reliable means to communicate with family, employers, and landlords, and a way for us to remind them of their upcoming court dates. The cost of these items pales in comparison with even a single additional day of detention. Programs like this are a clear indication that NYC takes seriously its plan to close Rikers Island, build community supports, and continue to work toward eliminating the historic inequity of a justice system that disadvantages poor people and people of color, and establishing a smaller, safer, and fairer criminal justice system."

For a more affirming and accurate description of the work the Osborne Association and other organizations do to make reentry and family unification successful, please take a look at this video and article on New York One's website: City Prepares for State Bail Reform Law, Sees Jail Population at Record-Low 6,000