Osborne Graduates Celebrate Fresh Starts

15 December 2018

On Friday, December 14, working with L+M's Director of Community Investment Samantha Franklin, we were joined by Bronx News 12 for our Bronx Workforce Development graduation. 

Osborne Graduates Celebrate Fresh Starts

Dozens of [formerly incarcerated and justice-involved people] decked in graduation gowns celebrated a fresh start Friday.

The [formerly incarcerated and justice-involved people] enrolled in workforce development programs at the Osborne Association in Morrisania to learn skills and develop connections that can help them land jobs.

Thanks to partnerships with companies in fields like construction, the graduates will have access to opportunities they might otherwise not have had.

"We're providing support for an employment specialist to develop relationships with employers in the construction industry and to do placements of their graduates in that program," says Samantha Franklin, of L+M Partners