Osborne's Policy Center Releases 2019 Legislative Summary

11 July 2019

Osborne's Center for Justice Across Generations has released its 2019 summary following the end of this year's New York State legislative session. 

The 2019 New York State legislative session ended on June 21 and included important victories and notable progress in criminal justice reform. Victories included the passage of the Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act, the One Day to Protect New Yorkers Act (protecting New Yorkers against deportation), and the Preserving Family Bonds Act (allowing children to see their parents after parental rights have been terminated), as well as advances in the areas of bail, speedy trial, and discovery reform.

Disappointingly, reforms in our priority areas of visiting and parole release did not advance as far as we had hoped. Bills to consider proximity to children when placing incarcerated parents, to restore visiting buses, and to increase access to parole for older people in prison did not pass.

We will be meeting with advocates and elected officials to continue to build support for these bills, and will champion them in the legislative session that begins in January 2020. Unless amended, all bills will keep the same numbers for this upcoming legislative session.

Read the full OCJAG 2019 Legislative Summary here.